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Automotive high strength fastener manufacturer 

Automotive high strength fastener manufacturer

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Talent Concept

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       Adhere to the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by talents, firmly establish the concept of talent capital, follow the law of enterprise development and the law of talent growth, take the scientific development of service enterprises as the fundamental starting point and the foothold, focus on capacity building, and focus on high-level talents and high-skilled talents. We will firmly grasp the four key links of talent selection, nurturing, talents, and talents, accelerate the development of innovative talents, improve the environment for talent wars, actively develop and utilize the resources of both domestic and international talents, and vigorously promote the professionalization and marketization of talents. Professional and international development, comprehensively improve the level of construction of all types of talents, and provide strong and effective talent guarantee and extensive intellectual support to promote the company's transformation of development methods and scientific development.